Soothing Vibration Gift Set

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 This gift set includes Dumortierite, Desert Rose, Spiderweb Jasper, White Howlite, Bloodstone and Blue Calcite.

This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life that you know needs to learn to embrace some soothing relaxation .

Each set comes with one of each crystal, holographic gift packaging & an explanation card with crystal meanings.

Crystal: Dumortierite

Chakra Association: Throat

Crystal Meaning: This soothing blue mineral has the power to calm anxiety and anger while creating a sense of well-being and ease. It is great for clearing the throat chakra. It also can sooth headaches, stomachaches and can assist with sleep problems like insomnia. It also increases focus, patience and self-discipline which makes this the perfect stone for students.

Crystal: Blue Calcite

Chakra Association: Throat

Crystal Meaning: This calming stone soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties, helping to release negative emotions. It can absorb emotional energy, filter it, purify it, and then return positive, healing energy back to the sender. It also aids memory and learning, and helps students retain their lessons. Meditating with Blue Calcite can promote an optimistic point of view on a situation.

Desert Rose

Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: This gentle crystal can dispel negative energy. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or phobias this peaceful mineral will help relieve them and is an excellent chakra cleanser. It can teach us that life has both highs and lows which is what makes it a meaningful existence. Healers use this stone to relieve nausea and motion sickness along with gastrointestinal issues related to anxiety.


Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: This super-calming stone is used to relieve stress of all kinds. Calms and soothes the emotions, reduces anxiety and tension while it assists in loosening and dispersing muscular tension. Howlite also helps to lessen rudeness and rude behavior by calming your temper. It also makes an excellent antidote to insomnia when it is due to an overactive mind.

CrystalSpiderweb Jasper

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: Spiderweb Jasper is a soothing stone that has a Valium like effect on your nerves. It will bring you energies of relaxation and gentleness. It’s known to enhance your ability to slow down and relax while it connects you with the universal energy we all share promoting a connection with others. It also grounds your energy when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Crystal: Bloodstone

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: Bloodstone is an intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart, and is conducive to balancing the total body in order to overcome any distress or anxiety associated with re-alignment of these energies.