Abundant Love Necklace

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This gorgeous one of a kind necklace features a rare cobaltoan calcite pendant with small incisions of malachite along with light sandalwood, clear quartz and rose quartz beads! The length is around 16 inches on a stretchy cord! 

We have more of these gorgeous one of a kind pendants available so we will be coming out with various styles with cobaltoan calcite. Send us a message if you’d like a custom piece! 


Crystal: Cobaltoan (Pink) Calcite

Chakra Association: Heart

Crystal Meaning: This rare pink crystal is also known as the Aphrodite stone. It is all about noticing and embracing the love and beauty in your surroundings. It truly allows you to feel all the love present in your life, even if you can’t see it on your own. It does this by dispelling any traumatic blocks with love that you have experienced in your lifetime. This can be anything from someone breaking your trust, to a heartbreak or losing a loved one. This stone won’t allow you to suppress the love available in your life any longer. It is amazing for helping you heal inner child issues, release buried emotions and connecting with the angelic realm for assistance. 

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Chakra Association: Heart

Crystal Meaning: This rosy crystal is all about love. Including divine love, self-love, romantic love, plutonic love, and it enhances all areas of the heart. It can open you up to new love and romance, and sooth the heartache of love lost. Use it to find emotional balance in times of transition and to clear suppressed or wounded emotions, gently opening the heart.


Crystal: Clear Quartz

Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: This powerful translucent mineral is full of light. It can transmute negative energy into positive energy. It is the stone of clarity and can be used as a spam filter for your mind. It is associated with the crown chakra allowing It to raise your consciousness and clear the path for higher awareness. It also has the ability to magnify the energy of other crystals.