Crystallized Lighter 4 (Tourmaline & Amethyst)

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This BIC lighter features two protection crystals Black Tourmaline and Amethyst! These lighters compliment a candle beautifully for the perfect holiday gift. It also pairs perfectly with the Black Tourmaline roach clip (pictured) as well for a great gift for the stoner in your life.

This lighter has never been used and included the warning labels on the back! These work best  in your right hand so your finger tips lay on the crystals.  

Crystal: Amethyst

Chakra Association: Third Eye

Crystal Meaning: This gentle but powerful stone opens the third eye and will awaken your inner spirituality. It radiates pure peace and tranquility. It clears and soothes the mind for meditation allowing space to raise your consciousness. It also helps with self-control and overindulgence. This is an amazing beginners stone and a must have in every collection.

Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: This grounding protection stone repels external negative energy and dispels internal negative energy creating a more positive state of being. Its effect on the root chakra helps you connect to the earth, to your physical body and to your spirituality. It can also be used to neutralize electromagnetic pollution.