Follow Your Heart Bracelet

Follow Your Heart Bracelet

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This bracelet is all about empowering self love and invoking a calm loving mindset to your everyday life. It is the perfect combination to help with any heartbreak in your life. It includes Rhodnite, Prehnite, White Howlite & Sunstone star cut beads along with light sandalwood and a buddha head charm!

Rhodonite: Keep calm and carry on is the message that rhodonite inspires within the heart chakra. When stirring feelings are causing waves of turmoil in your spiritual body, tame the emotional seas with rhodonite’s love, grounding and insight. The rhodonite meaning opens and expands your heart to infinite possibilities. Discover new passions, attract a more fulfilling kind of love and boost humanitarian efforts with the help of this crystal for calm connectedness.

Prehnite: Prehnite creates a connection between the heart and the will, so that all your actions are aligned with the guidance of the heart. When you can act from the heart, all your actions are motivated by doing what is best for the highest good in each situation. A Prehnite gemstone empowers your personal willpower while also ensuring that you use that power in the service of love. 

White Howlite: Howlite stills the mind and is excellent for sleep and meditation. It allows for calm and reasoned communication to take place. This crystal strengthens memory and stimulates a desire for knowledge. It can calm turbulent emotions. It releases the strings that tie old emotions to present-life triggers.

Sunstone: Just as the sun brings life to all the living things on Earth, Sunstone will breathe life into your creative spirit. It promotes energy, vitality, and creativity. Its effervescent energy reminds you of the joy that creating is meant to inspire. Sunstone nourishes the sacral and solar plexus chakras to breed confidence, power and leadership. Free from beneath the blanket of self-doubt, your creativity will finally flourish with the power of the sun.


The default size is 7 in if you would like a different size just send us a message after you pace your order!