Green Witch Summer Set

Green Witch Summer Set

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This set includes Diopside, Green Calcite, Selenite and Smokey Quartz. Use these crystals to have your best green witch summer yet! 

Crystal: Diopside

Chakra Association: Heart

Crystal Meaning: Diopside is a creative stone and a great assistant to learning anything new. Diopside is a wonderful healer and helps you to cry and release your feelings. It provides a sense of empowerment and helps you to recognise the strength within yourself. Diopside expands love on every level, promoting emotional well being and the ability to love yourself and others. 

Crystal: Green Calcite

Chakra Association: Heart

Crystal Meaning: Green Calcite is a stone that works with the Heart Chakra to bring emotional balance and knowledge of Divine Love. Green Calcite can help you to look at situations differently, with the knowledge that, whether good or bad, "this too shall pass" and that you are taken care of. It helps dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.

Crystal: Selenite

Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: Selenite can be used to invoke protection from the angelic realm and dispel negative energy. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. You can use selenite to remove energy blocks and cleanse other stones. It can also be used to protect and cleanse a space by placing a piece in each corner of the room. 

Crystal: Smokey Quartz

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: This earthy stone has a very centering effect. It is like an antidepressant in crystal form as it alleviates anxiety and stress by creating a gentle calm. It absorbs the fear of failure so you can propel yourself forward, unabated. It’s also great for calming the nervous system and reliving headaches.