Hessonite Garnet Luna Necklace

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Wear this beautiful Hessonite Garnet & Crescent Moon Necklace to bring light to your shadow with love and courage!

The Hessonite Garnet strand is 14 inches and the Moon chain is 16 inches. There is a 2 inch extender as well! 

Crystal: Hessonite Garnet

Chakra Association: Sacral

Crystal Meaning: Hessonite Garnet is a wonderful talisman that will attract wealth and abundance, as well as joy and health. It will encourage you to seize new opportunities and seek new challenges, especially when it involves travel. Hessonite Garnet is also especially useful in meditation and manifestation. It will unlock your intuitive and metaphysical abilities. It will also give you comfort of mind and help you release your emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens. This stone is considered a powerful talisman that can illuminate the night and dispel bad energies and evil spirits.