Onyx & Labradorite Pot Leaf Necklace

Onyx & Labradorite Pot Leaf Necklace

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This Black Onyx & Labradorite Pot Leaf Necklace features two small star cut black onyx beads and one gray labradorite  star cut bead accented by a silver pot leaf charm on a 16 inch cord! 

Crystal: Labradorite 

Chakra Association: All

Crystal Meaning: Labradorite is the stone of pure magic. The energy of labradorite is all about pushing forward into the unknown. It’s commonly associated with the new moon so it is perfect for assisting with any new beginnings in your life. Use this stone when manifesting for some extra magic! One uncommonly known fact about labradorite is its assistance with most stomach ailments. It’s amazing for nausea or an upset stomach just take the piece and place it on the affected area or use the smooth surface to rub in a circular motion to get things moving! 

Crystal: Black Onyx

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: This grounding stone is perfect to aid with protection while in large crowds or traveling. Great to help ward off any unknown threats as well. Associated with the root chakra it can assist you with grounding your energy into the earths core. It absorbs any negative energy around you so it requires frequent cleansing.