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This is the perfect kit to take along your travels with you! It includes the basic crystals to keep you calm and centered! In this kit you will get an amethyst tumble, a clear quartz tumble, a selenite (satin spar) stick, a piece of black kyanite and a tea light candle (easily replace when used)! You may not get the exact crystals pictured as there are multiple of this set! 

Crystal: Selenite

Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: Selenite can be used to invoke protection from the angelic realm and dispel negative energy. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. You can use selenite to remove energy blocks and cleanse other stones. (The technical name for this mineral is Satin Spar Gypsum, it is closely related to the clear crystalline form of gypsum known as Selenite. They have the same properties however the clear crystalline form has a higher vibration and is more powerful due to the environment it was grown in.)

Crystal: Amethyst

Chakra Association: Third Eye

Crystal Meaning: This gentle but powerful stone opens the third eye and will awaken your inner spirituality. It radiates pure peace and tranquility. It clears and soothes the mind for meditation allowing space to raise your consciousness. It also helps with self-control and overindulgence. This is an amazing beginners stone and a must have in every collection.

Crystal: Clear Quartz

Chakra Association: Crown

Crystal Meaning: This powerful translucent mineral is full of light. It can transmute negative energy into positive energy. It is the stone of clarity and can be used as a spam filter for your mind. It is associated with the crown chakra allowing It to raise your consciousness and clear the path for higher awareness. It also has the ability to magnify the energy of other crystals.

Crystal: Black Kyanite

Chakra Association: Root

Crystal Meaning: This grounding and healing stone can cut emotional cords you have with toxic people in your life. If you notice that you can’t shake someone’s emotions off you or you suddenly feel heaviness you didn’t have before it is a clear sign you need to cut the cords. It can also be used for healing your aura.