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White Mountain Crystals

Cleansing Aura Sprays (LOVE & UPLIFT)

Cleansing Aura Sprays (LOVE & UPLIFT)

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Introducing our NEW cleansing sprays. We have two options available now with more to come. They have a base of Bergamot and Palo Santo then accented with different floral waters and infused with quartz. 


Palo Santo has been traditionally used to eliminate negative or dense energy and purify the surrounding aura or space. It is highly effective in renewing energy and attracting positive vibes. Additionally, its calming properties can alleviate emotional distress.

Bergamot is known to promote feelings of happiness and protection while boosting inner confidence. It can also heighten intuition and overall spiritual awareness, making it a valuable tool for decision-making. When incorporating bergamot, one's awareness and spiritual consciousness are heightened.

Enhance your senses with UPLIFT, featuring our Palo Santo and Bergamot blend infused with Orange Blossom water. The inclusion of Orange Blossom heightens feelings of serenity, contentment, and prosperity. Whether seeking rejuvenation or a renewed outlook, this combination symbolizes fortitude, belief, and bliss.

Our LOVE Cleansing Aura Spray features a blend of Palo Santo and Bergamot, along with the essence of Rose Water. By infusing Rose water, it encourages self-love and draws love into your life, while purifying and rejuvenating you and your environment. Representing purity, love, healing, and spiritual connection, Rose water has a long history of purifying, safeguarding, and attracting divine blessings, promoting inner serenity, intuition, and appreciation.

Each bottle is 20ml and has ~350 sprays each and retail for $15 each. We will offer an in-store refill program for $7 per refill along with bulk refill bottles coming soon! 

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