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This Fluorite hand knotted necklace with Amethyst point is reserved for Shaynna! 

It is hand knotted on purple nylon cording with a silver lobster clasp. This necklace is ~17 inches long. 

Crystal: Fluorite

Chakra Association: Heart

Crystal Meaning: This gentle healing stone can subtly bring the physical and emotional bodies into balance. It helps reset the mind, quiet mental chatter, and clear a cluttered consciousness. Its strong connection with the heart chakra clears painful past emotions and radiates love. Use as a worry stone if you are feeling overwhelmed especially in chaotic environments.

Crystal: Amethyst

Chakra Association: Third Eye

Crystal Meaning: This gentle but powerful stone opens the third eye and will awaken your inner spirituality. It radiates pure peace and tranquility. It clears and soothes the mind for meditation allowing space to raise your consciousness. It also helps with self-control and overindulgence. This is an amazing beginners stone and a must have in every collection.